Drag Race icon Bob the Drag Queen blows minds with ‘most iconic wig reveal of all time’

Bob the Drag Queen in We're Here

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Bob the Drag Queen has blown the world’s collective mind with the “most iconic wig reveal” in the history of drag.

Bob the Drag Queen, the season eight winner and New York drag-scene icon, is cementing her position as a non-binary triple threat as she takes on the role of mentor in HBO’s We’re Here.

Alongside Drag Race legends Shangela and Eureka, Bob visited Selma, Alabama, for the second season’s fourth episode.

Bob, Shangela and Eureka met with four women from the River Center for Humanity. Lynda Blackmon Lowery, Joyce O’Neal, JoAnne Bland, and Afriyie We-kandodis – all activists who experienced Bloody Sunday firsthand.

And during the episode, Bob performs one of the most epic wig reveals and that has Twitter seriously gagged, which sees Bob’s wig literally fall off only to be revealed to be Neveah, her niece.

“It was my idea,” Bob wold Logo.

“Me, Shangela, and Eureka, we actually come up with our own numbers.

“And even for our drag kids as well, which is why we’re producers on the show.

“We hired the entire creative team, the designers, the makeup artists, the wig stylist, the choreographers, we hired them all.

“So we really are actually creating these drag shows. I know some people think that we just go there and then someone else comes in and does everything, but we actually do come up with the numbers ourselves.”

Bob the Drag Queen is ‘really, really proud’ of stunning wig reveal

Bob used to live in Alabama, so when she found out she was jetting back home for the show, she knew she wanted to have her family involved in the performance in some way.

“It’s actually an idea that I had in my head for a long time, and I really wanted my niece, Neveah, to play the role [of the giant wig],” Bob said.

“She’s tiny and she’s a gymnast and she’s a very good dancer. And I was like, I think she’s perfect for this. And she just looks so cute.”

“She actually had her hands on my head,” she added, “with her knees tucked behind my armpits. There was no double wig. There was no extra. It was literally my niece the whole time.

“I’m really, really proud of that.”

And it was safe to say that Twitter agreed.