Cardi B emphatically shuts down ridiculous ‘debate’ over kitchen sets for boys being ‘gay’

Cardi B on the red carpet and a young boy playing with a kitchen cooking set

Cardi B basically said what we were all thinking when she clapped back at yet another debate about gender roles for young children.

After several parents shared pictures of their young sons playing with kitchen sets, as made popular by YouTube star Ryan Kaji, people couldn’t resist making unwarranted comments about the image projecting “wrong ideals”.

When one proud mother shared a picture of her son whipping up a play pretend feast in his “kitchen”, the discussion about whether kitchen sets for boys are “gay” reared its head once again.

Indeed, one of the online commenters had claimed: “DO NOT buy your son a kitchen set for Christmas… get him a tool set… don’t put the wrong ideals in ya son head at an early age.”

In response, a Twitter user reposted the image of the boy and commented: “People on facebook having a full blown gender war about this photo.”

The tweet soon caught the eye of Cardi B, who was quick to deliver a takedown to all those who had an issue with the image.

“The fact that Ryans world the little boy from YOuTube make millions and he have a kitchen set like this and y’all worry about if this gay or not ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ Stop being so close minded and dumb,” the rapper wrote.

Scores of Twitter users shared similar messages of support as one wrote: “My son has dolls, monster trucks, a toy kitchen, superheroes etc. he plays with everything. He asks for his nails painted pink like mama and then runs around in the mud with the dog catching bugs. People need to let kids be kids and stop pushing their insecurities and bs on them.”

“People are so close minded… oh my God… What is wrong with buying kitchen set for your son and teaching him to be a responsible human being when it comes to culinary stuff? Wake up people!” another added.

One wrote: “When someone’s free time has started to include ‘judging children’s toys for sexuality’, they need to get a hobby and help. Period.”

Meanwhile, Cardi B recently agreed to officiate Kal Penn’s upcoming wedding just weeks after she gave one queer couple a wedding they’ll never forget.