RuPaul announces new primetime game show – and it’s just like Wordle

RuPaul in season 14 of RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul is rebooting the classic TV game show Lingo as Wordle continues to delight and frustrate the world.

Lingo, which first aired in the US in 1987, saw two teams attempting to guess five letter words, one letter at a time.

Sound familiar? The gameplay is similar to Wordle, the viral game recently acquired by The New York Times.

American TV network CBS has announced its plans to reboot Lingo, with Drag Race’s very own Rupaul Charles as the host. According to Deadline, CBS has been developing a prime time reboot of the show since the summer, well before the world became obsessed with Wordle.

Rupaul, who will also serve as an executive producer, said: “We’re all ready to have fun again, and Lingo is the answer.

Mitch Graham, SVP of alternative programming at CBS, added: “The word-game craze is sweeping the nation, and Lingo will deliver a fast-paced, fun and addictive show for the whole family.

“RuPaul’s flair and sharp wit, coupled with the ability for viewers to play along at home, make this a timely show with wide appeal that we’re excited to join our network lineup.”

This will be the fourth version of Lingo in the US. Created and produced by Ralph Andrews, the series originally aired in 1987, with Michael Reagan, the son of former president Ronald Reagan, as host. The Game Show Network rebooted the series between from 2002-2007 and in 2011.

Recently, Lingo returned to UK screens on ITV, with Adil Ray as the host. The British version performed spectacularly, averaging 1.9 millions viewers in its first full week on air.

RuPaul is most famous for creating and hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race, which first aired in 2009. The reality show currently spans 14 seasons in the US, and has produced countless international spin-offs, in the UK, Netherlands, Canada and beyond.