JK Rowling blasted as ‘perfect example of how not to be an ally’ by Lesbian Visibility Week founder

Linda Riley (left) and JK Rowling (right)

Lesbian Visibility Week founder Linda Riley has slammed JK Rowling as the “perfect example of how not to be an ally”.

Lesbian Visibility Week, which celebrates lesbians and honours all queer women and non-binary folk within the LGBT+ community, began on Monday (25 April).

But JK Rowling decided to mark the occasion by “saluting the resilience and courage of [her] inspirational friend”, LGB Alliance co-founder Allison Bailey.

Bailey, a lawyer, is currently suing LGBT+ rights charity Stonewall and Garden Court Chambers for discrimination, after she was subject to an internal investigation over anti-trans social media posts and her involvement with LGB Alliance.

LGB Alliance has been branded an “anti-trans hate group” by high-profile LGBT+ activists, organisations and MPs. Labour’s shadow minister for women and equalities, Taiwo Owatemi, has said the group “should be rejected by all those who believe in equality”. LGB Alliance denies it is transphobic.

Bailey is claiming that the chambers is guilty of victimisation and discrimination on the basis of her sex and sexual orientation, and that Stonewall caused this alleged discrimination because the chambers was a part of the charity’s Diversity Champions scheme.

In response Linda Riley, LGBT+ activist, publisher and CEO of DIVA magazine and the founder of Lesbian Visibility Week, tweeted: “Wow! I certainly did not create Lesbian Visibility Week so that people like JK Rowling could use it as a vehicle to stir up more hate within our community.

“This is a perfect example of how not to be an ally.”

Riley added the hashtags “I stand with Stonewall”, and “L with the T”.

Rowling took the opportunity for yet another anti-trans post, tweeting: “Apparently it stirs up hate to post pictures of Black lesbians marching for their rights, so here’s a picture of Alex Drummond, white, bearded, Stonewall-approved lesbian.”

Drummond, a psychotherapist and photographer who is also a trans woman and lesbian, has faced relentless online abuse, and has previously been the subject of tweets from Rowling, because she has a beard.

Riley told PinkNews: “JK Rowling’s constant intent on using her platform to cause division between LGBTQI women is detrimental to the community. Don’t forget – she speaks only for a small minority of lesbians.”

A representative for JK Rowling declined to comment.