Drag Race icon Monét X Change defended after racist idiots send hate over All Stars performance

A close-up shot of drag queen Monet X Change wearing a cream-coloured outfit next to another shot where she performs in Drag Race All Stars 7

Bob the Drag Queen took to Twitter to defend Monét X Change from racist hate from so-called RuPaul’s Drag Race fans.

Monet wowed fans on the penultimate episode of Drag Race All Stars 7, giving a jaw-dropping operatic performance of “La Sonnambula” for the all-important variety show challenge.

In a controversial twist, the winners of the challenge were awarded three legendary legend stars, upending the leaderboard and securing Monét a place in Friday’s (29 July) final.

Predictably, among praise from fans for the stunning vocals, bigots also took to social media to send racist hate to Monét. 

In her defence, friend and fellow drag queen Bob tweeted: “To the people online who are hating on Monét. . . I just don’t understand why [you] gotta say racist s**t.

“Just be a piece of garbage in private. Why you gotta let the whole world know that you are morally bankrupt?
Bob added: “If you don’t understand opera. . . just say that. If you don’t have the sophistication, understanding, and attention span to appreciate something other that kicks and splits, just admit it.”

Monét also had to defend herself on social media after some accused her of lip-syncing. “

Pre recorded vocals? B***h where? LIVE singing, b***h,” she wrote.

To spread positivity, Bob started a Twitter thread asking people to tell them why they are on team Monét. 
One fan wrote: “She has given incredible performances, defied expectations, and shown grace in a queenly manner. But most of all, she gives inspiration and hope to MILLIONS of people who aspire to be at her level of artistry. SLAYED.”

Another added: “I’m #TeamMonet cause get on the winning team babyyyyy. She’s THE goddess of all goddesses.”

Sadly, racism continues to pervade the Drag Race fandom.

Just this year, Jujubee opened up about receiving racism and death threats simply for surviving an elimination on Drag Race UK vs the World.