RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star criticises show’s edit for ‘hindering’ her career

Anubis RuPaul Drag Race UK Star

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Anubis has spoken out about the negative way she says she was edited in the show and the impact it had on her career.

The drag star was the first to sashay away in season three and was clear she was not happy with how she was represented on the show. 

Speaking to Fubar Radio she said: “It just didn’t reflect my experience. I remember sitting there for hours having fun jokes and one liners and having those little moments, and nothing was used… I think they definitely could have included some more of me being me.”  

Despite Anubis’ negative experience, they added: “[I’ve] gained a lot of my fan base from people that have watched Drag Race, so I think in that way it’s a good thing to have under my belt. The fact that I can use that platform, but then also do my own thing where I show people my comedy, the cabaret or the burlesque that I do.

“So, I do think it is probably a positive as well. I just wish that maybe I got a bit more of a chance to showcase those skills on television.” 

Although Anubis does not “regret” going on Drag Race she admitted: “It has, in a way hindered me because a lot of people do see me as Anubis from episode one and nine and ten. 

“And they just see me as that kind of young Brighton camp queen who can’t really do much, you know.” 

Anubis also reflected on their struggle with mental health after doing the show, explaining it isn’t just “riches and fame” but also getting “death threats everyday”.

She continued: “You get loads of people judging you for what you wear, if you put on weight or if you lose weight. Everyone has an opinion on absolutely everything you have in your life.” 

Anubis didn’t shine in the way she wanted during Drag Race but she has teased the “most successful” music collaboration in drag queen history is coming at the end of September.