A League of Their Own: 10 amazing gifts you need to get for the Rockford Peach in your life

From t-shirts to prints there's plenty of A League of Their Own merch you can get.

The Amazon Prime adaption of A League of Their Own already has a huge queer fanbase after it premiered this month.

Since the eight-part series debuted on the streaming platform it’s been hailed as one of the “gayest shows ever” by viewers.

The series, created by Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham, takes the premise of the 1992 film starring Madonna – which followed a 1940s all-female baseball league – but goes further into the lives of the women that were “overlooked” by the original.

The series features a number of queer characters and storylines including Jacobson’s character Carson, who sparks a romance with D’Arcy Carden’s character, Greta.

It’s also received praise for the Black lesbian representation as the show explores Max Chapman (Chanté Adams) in all her lesbian glory and trans masc character Bertie, played by non-binary trans actor Lea Robinson.

If you’re a fan of the 1992 film, the latest series adaption – or both – then there’s plenty of Rockford Peaches-inspired merch you can buy.

From t-shirts to prints and baseball caps to tote bags we’ve put together some of the amazing fan merch you can buy that’s been inspired by the series and film.

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Fans of A League of Their Own can get these red baseball caps embellished with the Rockford Peaches ‘R’ logo. They’re based on the caps from the film version, worn by the likes of Madonna and Geena Davis. They feature the red ‘R’ in a white circle and also have embroidery on the back celebrating the film’s 30th anniversary. The caps also appear in the TV adaption, with the characters wearing red caps featuring an embroidered white ‘R’. This one is proving to be popular, with stock running low and it’s available to buy from Etsy.

If this one is sold out, then there’s another version available from Etsy, which is also a bestseller on the website. This one is priced at £23.42 and doesn’t have the annviersary embroidery on the back and you can get it here.

You can get this cute print that reads “Rockford Peaches” on a backdrop colour that resembles the baseball kits the team wear in the film and TV series. It also features a graphic of two peaches and a baseball, obviously. This one – which has a five star review from previous customers – can proudly hang on the wall of any fan of A League of Their Own and it’s available to buy from Etsy.

This vintage-style t-shirt is available to buy from Etsy. It features a retro Rockford Peaches logo design alongside the years the team played. It’s a popular choice on the website, as it’s “selling fast” and there’s only a limited number left. The tee is priced from £18 and you can get it at Etsy.

A similar retro design is also available on a tote bag. The Etsy seller says the design is a replica of a 1945 Rockford Peaches baseball game program and that “if you’re a fan of, arguably, one of the best sports movies ever made this canvas tote bag is for you!”. You can buy the tote bag for £17.60 from Etsy here. The design is also available on a sweatshirt, t-shirt and tank top which are available from the seller’s Etsy page.

Fans of the Rockford Peaches can get these three patches inspired A League of Their Own. They’re the perfect addition to a denim jacket or backpack and include the ‘R’ logo, the City of Rockford Peaches logo from their kit and the official baseball league logo. You can buy them individually or as a set of three from Etsy.

You can also get this t-shirt which features the logo from the Rockford Peaches’ baseball kits. The gender neutral tee is available in white or grey and it’s priced from £24 and is available to buy from Etsy. Fans of the true story, film and series love the top, as it has five-star reviews from hundreds of customers.

These Rockford Peaches flag vinyl stickers are ideal to decorate your laptops, phones, or basically anything you can get your hands on. They’re priced at £3.73 from Etsy and are currently one of the best-selling A League of Their Own-inspired products on the website.

One customer says: “Love it! Such an adorable sticker for anyone who is a fan of A League of Their Own!”. You can buy it for yourself or the fan in your life from Etsy.

This minimalist print features the Rockford Peaches’ kit logo alongside the cast list from the Amazon Prime Video series. This includes co-creator Abbi Jacobson, Chanté Adams and D’Arcy Carden, so if you’ve fallen in love with the latest adaption then you can proudly hang this up in your home. You can buy it from Etsy.

D’Arcy Carden’s character Greta uttered the instantly iconic line, “God we’re all f**king fruits” in the latest series and now it’s been immortalised as a peach sticker. It’s also available on a badge, and the Etsy seller has other designs inspried by the series. The quotes include, “Let’s rob the bank”, Greta’s “I thought so” and “Bring me home, Shaw”. To shop them all head to Etsy here.

Last but not least is this baseball that’s been embellished with the film’s logo and a tribute to its 30th anniversary. This is the perfect collectible for the Rockford Peach in your life – or a chance to start your own team. It’s available to buy from Etsy.