Canada’s Drag Race crowns winner after Queen Elizabeth mix-up

Brooke Lynn Hytes in a read dress on the Drag Race main stage

Canada’s Drag Race has crowned its season three winner in a dramatic finale.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The finalists, Gisèle Lullaby, Jada Shada Hudson, Kimmy Couture and Miss Fiercalicious, had to write, record and perform their own verses of “True North Strong (and Fierce)” for their final maxi challenge.

They then pulled out all the stops for the final runway, “Couture Eleganza”, as judges Brooke Lynn Hytes, Brad Goreski, Traci Melchor and Sarah Nurse decided who would be lip-syncing for the crown. 

Although Miss Fiercalicious was deemed one of the strongest contenders coming into the finale, she crashed out alongside Kim Couture. 

Jada and Gisèle proceeded to the final lip-sync to Celine Dion’s “A New Day Has Come”.

Despite Jada smashing the lip-sync, in the end it was Gisèle who rose victorious and was officially announced as the winner, following in the footsteps of Priyanka and Icesis Couture. 

As always, the ending was filmed twice, so the queens had no idea who truly won until the episode aired.
Videos circulating on social media captured the moment Gisèle found out she’d become the new Queen of the North.

As her victory was announced the room burst into cheers. Gisèle was stunned silent before dropping her head in her hands, overwhelmed with emotion.
Gisèle said: “This is a dream come true for me, and to be the first French Canadian to win this competition.”


Fans were thrilled at her victory, with one person writing: “Congratulations to Giselle for actually winning the season. You had me since the Snatch Game! Love you”

Another hit back at any haters by saying: “Gisèle Lullaby DESERVED that crown. She’s an amazing queen with an even more amazing attitude!!”

Icesis Couture also stunned with her extravagant black and red outfit as she came to crown the new winner.

Canada’s Drag Race ran into some trouble on Thursday (8 September) over an ill-timed tweet.

After it had been announced that the Queen had been taken ill, the Canada’s Drag Race Twitter shared a post which read: “This crown is up for grabs… who is going to take it home.”
The tweet was promptly deleted. The Queen passed away shortly afterwards.

Finalist Miss Fiercalicious divided fans after making light of the situation by tweeting: “I’m truly devastated that the Queen won’t be able to hear my finale verse or watch me get crowned tonight.”

The Canada’s Drag Race season three final is scheduled to air in the UK on BBC Three on Friday at 9pm.