Drag Race UK fans call out ‘awkward’ lip-sync as queens face off to Tory chanteuse Ella Henderson

Drag Race UK glued its lace down and pinned its wig in tight with its latest rollercoaster episode.

A frontrunner lip-syncing to Tory conference chanteuse Ella Henderson, the über shady ‘Naff-ta’ awards, a bingo-themed design challenge and just the right amount of mounting tension – episode three was not one to miss.

Leomie Anderson guest judges, giving face face face and some genuinely useful critiques – which is not always the case for guest judges. Also, her jokes were funny! Raise your hand if you’re still screaming at ‘Bella Ha-didn’t’.

There was also shade a-plenty – shoutout to Cheddar Gorgeous for religiously not understanding Sminty Drop’s ‘Old Maiden’ comment (a reference to Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard from Celebrity Big Brother).

In the mini challenge, the queens got into quick drag to find out the results of the ‘Naff-ta’ awards – shady categories they voted for themselves, with a trophy inspired by the iconic RuPaul Christmas ornament.

The winners were:

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  • Beast in Show (Best Competitor) – Black Peppa
  • Best Background Actress in a Non-Speaking Role (competitor who fades into the background) – Copper Topp
  • Best Scene-Stealing, Attention Grabbing, Camera Hog – Danny Beard
  • Best Actress Resting on Pretty – Baby
  • Best Hot Mess – Sminty Drop

Some of the Drag Race UK queens were upset by their wins – Danny less so.

“If someone else got this, they might be pressed. I’m loving it,” said our resident camera hog.

The queens were then paired off to design looks inspired by the bingo hall (how very British), with each pair assigned a colour.

The queens had a brief werk room discussion surrounding dating and drag, including the revelation that Pixie Polite used to be in a relationship with season two icon Tia Kofi.

After some classic sewing challenge disasters and a few genuinely brilliant looks, the winners of the challenge were announced to be Baby and Dakota Schiffer, a Ru-demption moment for Baby after she lost out on a badge last week.

Sminty Drop and Le Fil were also given high praise, elongating Sminty’s yo-yo-like track record.

Black Peppa, Jonbers Blond, Cheddar Gorgeous and Copper Topp all found themselves in the bottom, Peppa and Copper lip-syncing.

The joy of seeing Black Peppa dominate the lip-sync, however, was slightly marred by the choice of song.

It featured none other than Ella Henderson, who came under fire for performing at the Conservative Party Conference this week.

Despite the song choice, though, fans all got their collective lives to the performance, with Copper putting up a good fight against Peppa.

It was, however, not meant to be for the Cheltenham babe, who left the stage with the iconic line: “So a top can bottom”.  That is the versatility the judges are looking for.

Fans have been showing their love for Copper and showering their praises on the season in general.

Next week on Drag Race UK, Alison Hammond joins the judging panel in what is guaranteed to be the most iconic episode to date.

Drag Race UK airs on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer Thursdays at 9pm.

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