Dahmer’s Niecy Nash explains how she identifies as ‘Jess-sexual’ after marrying a woman

Actress Niecy Nash married her best friend Jessica Betts in 2020, and has revealed that she now identifies as ‘Jess-sexual‘.

Speaking on The Tamron Hall Show – alongside Betts – Nash said it was her daughter who had first pressed her for an answer to the question.

Posing the query, Hall asked: “We talk so much about LGBTQ+, binary, non-binary, and I know people were asking, well what is Niecy Nash? Is she bisexual? You were getting these questions.”

To which Nash replied:

“My daughter was like, ‘How do you identify?’ I said, ‘Huh?'” Nash continued, before revealing her answer was simply: “Black and your mama.”

Niecy Nash queer wedding

Niecy Nash married Jessica Betts in August 2020 (Instagram)

Dia – Nash’s daughter – then apparently educated her mother, giving her information on the topic.

“She made me watch a show about all the labels and all the names, and after it was over, my head was spinning,” Nash said.

When her daughter then asked again how Niecy Nash identified, the actress responded: “I’m more confused now than I was before this. I don’t know.

“If I have to coin it in the moment, I’d say, ‘I’m a Jess-sexual.’ I’ve never looked at anyone, male or female, and seen them the way I see her. But right now, I know I’m happy.”

Speaking in an Advocate interview earlier this year, Nash clarified that her previous relationships were no less real because of her love for Betts.

“It wasn’t like I was living a lie. I loved the people who I loved when I was with them. Do you understand me? I wasn’t living a lie. And I didn’t want that to be anything that was kept in the shadows or in dark corners even.

“So it wasn’t as much about me coming out as much as it was about me coming into myself, owning that I allowed myself to not only feel what I felt but then to do something about what I felt.

“And then to love her enough — and myself enough — to be able to share our truth with the world.”

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts previously made history as the first same-sex couple to star on the cover of Essence magazine.

The actress also recently starred in Netflix’s controversial Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story series about the serial killer, playing the role of his neighbour, Glenda Cleveland.