Strictly Come Dancing star Jayde Adams slams ‘little sociopath’ trolls after being voted off

Karen Hauer (L) and Jayde Adams (R) were the latest couple to be knocked out. (BBC Studios)

Comedian Jayde Adams and pro-partner Karen Hauer were the final same-sex couple to be voted off this year’s Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday (23 October) with a tearful exit. 

The Strictly BBC centenary special saw contestants dance to the tune of BBC themed songs, with Jayde and Hauer trying their hand at Victoria Wood’s iconic comedy song, “Let’s Do It”.
However, Jade’s departure has sparked controversy as some fans believe she was “robbed”, while others have spent their time since her departure sending her hateful comments online.

Speaking in her final interview, Jayde said: “This has been the best thing I have ever done in my life and I will carry it to my grave.”

Tearing up she addressed Hauer, she added: “You are fantastic, and this has been such an honour, not only have I got to be on Strictly Come Dancing but I got to have Karen Hauer.”

Those supporting Jayde claim Tony Adams should have been in the bottom two, with one person saying: “Poor Jayde. She should be through, Tony should be out!”

Another said: “Gutted to see Jayde go. The people voting for Tony need to stop now. It’s a dancing competition after all.”

The former football manager was the lowest scoring contestant of the week, pulling in just 19 points from the judges.

However, his pro partner Katya Jones took to Instagram to address rumours they had been unfairly put through to the next week. 

In her story she wrote: “I can reassure you that we are doing nothing less but working our butts off and learning learning learning. 

“Not every week comes out as perfect as we rehearse, fears and nerves still show up. But as long as you are here to support our journey and want to see us dance – we shall keep going and give our everything!”

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’

Meanwhile on Twitter, Jayde was busy dealing fatphobic and abusive trolls, responding to some of the cruel comments made after her exit.

After someone said she resembled Alice In Wonderland character Tweedledee more than Victoria Wood, she replied: “I hope this joke goes viral for you babe.”

When another negative comment about her dancing was made, she replied: “Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am on a very personal journey, getting back back to the way I was before I damaged my ACL.”

In a follow up tweet she added: “I won’t be treated like I don’t matter because of my size”.

And addressing all the haters she posted a photo of herself, alongside Christoper Lloyd as Uncle Fester in 1991 film The Adams Family, saying she could make better jokes about her appearance than anyone else online.

Of course, fans of Jayde Adams rushed to support the comedian and champion her time on Strictly.

“Watching Jayde Adams quote tweet and shut down haters is just brilliant,” one fan wrote, “Sadly I think it is only the tip of the iceberg, so want to throw out some positive vibes. It was truly fabulous to see her give Strictly 100% every week and it won’t be the same without her.”

Another added: “I am so sorry to see Jayde leave the ballroom. A beautiful dancer with so much potential and clearly a love person. Please keep dancing”