Madonna does poppers for the first time on livestream: ‘Never done that before!’

Madonna sniffed poppers on a TikTo live with internet personality Terri Joe, while listening to Lady Gaga’s “Judas”.

There was a lot of information in that sentence, so we’ll break it down for you.

Terri Joe is a “Christian southern belle just trying to make the world a better place, one hommasexyuh at a time”, according to their TikTok bio –spoiler alert, they’re not – but what they are, is hilarious.

At the beginning of the livestream, the Queen of Pop appears with a bottle of poppers – bottles of amyl nitrate that, when inhaled, produce a headrush and loosen certain muscles – to the delight and hilarity of both Terri Joe and fans.

The popstar takes a (large) sniff of the bottle, before Terri yells: “Is that poppers!?” and Madonna says: “Woah. Never did that before.”

Madonna then seemingly experiences a similarly large headrush, with her face turning slightly red.

Honestly, if there’s any proof we’re living in one large simulation, it’s this TikTok livestream.

Terri Joe asks Madonna: “Can you tell me what you think of this song playing right now?” and then proceeds to play Gaga’s hit “Judas”.

The song finishes as Terri Joe asks Madonna what she thinks of it, despite it being “quite blasphemous to the Church.”

She also says: “People have been telling her that it’s a Christian song, but [she] doesn’t think so”. Reckon you might be onto something there, Terri.

After confirming the name of the song (dodgy wifi connection – you can’t get the staff nowadays), Madonna replies that it is Christian, because it’s about the Apostles.

Madonna’s wifi then completely cuts out, prompting Terri Joe to do a musical impression of her buffering.

Fans have found the livestream hilarious, with accounts raving about Madonna doing poppers.

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