Rihanna said fans would kill her if ‘they waited this long for a lullaby’. And look what happened


Rihanna has released her first single in six years – but “Lift Me Up”, released to promote Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, just isn’t hitting like some fans thought it would.

Everyone remembers where they were the day Anti, Rihanna’s last studio album, dropped. On that distant day in 2016, the crops were watered, the children were fed, Brexit hadn’t even happened yet.

Since then, the “Work” singer has become a self-made billionaire, dominating the world of fashion and beauty with Savage X Fenty and Fenty Beauty, respectively.

To be honest, we nearly forgot she sang. Nearly.

When Riri confirmed she’d be dropping a single to promote the sequel to 2018’s Black Panther, I don’t think we’re being dramatic when we say the world went into full meltdown.

The song, released today (28 October), is confirmed to be the end credits song to Marvel’s latest film.

There’s just one problem; not every Navy member (Rihanna’s loyal supporters) is thrilled with the offering.

Previously, Rihanna had told Entertainment Tonight: “My fans would kill me that they waited this long for a lullaby!”

There have – obviously – been positive reviews of the song, with some comparing the record to her ballad-to-end-all-ballads, “Stay”.

One fan wrote: “Didn’t realize how much I missed hearing Rihanna’s voice and new music from her until it all hit me when I pressed play on lift me up.”

Other fans have not been quite so – shall we say – complimentary of the song.

Fans have pointed out that we were hardly going to be gifted with a dancehall-inspired track like “Work” or sexy, savage “Needed Me” for the end credits of a film commemorating the late Chadwick Boseman.

One wrote: “Y’all was expecting Rihanna to give S&M for a soundtrack song about chadwick? I’m crying”

Either way, we’re proud survivors of the Rihanna drought of 2016-2022.