Lauren Boebert mercilessly mocked over ‘red wave’ claim as election goes down to the wire

Lauren Boebert in front of a US flag

Ultra-conservative Republican Lauren Boebert’s Twitter has been silent since US election results began rolling in – but plenty of people have spoken up to fill the absence.

Lauren Boebert was trailing her Democrat rival Adam Frisch by 64 votes on Thursday morning (10 November) in the race to Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

The count is still ongoing, but represents one of the biggest shocks of the US elections – FiveThirtyEight’s campaign forecaster predicted a sweeping win for Boebert with 97 per cent probability.

As Boebert faces the possibility of losing her seat, Twitter users have mocked the confidence marking her last tweet, now posted over 24 hours ago.

“The red wave has begun!” Boebert wrote on Wednesday night (9 November).

Her confidence was not entirely misguided – but as results came in, the race proved excruciatingly tight.

As it stands now, 99 per cent of the vote is in, and Lauren Boebert is narrowly losing.

She and her Democratic opposition, Adam Frisch, both have 50 per cent of the vote, with a recount likely.

Lauren Boebert is staunchly anti-LGBTQ+

Just this year she tweeted that queer people should be legally forced to remain in the closet until they are 21 years old.

She also appeared on a news show, hosted by an anti-LGBTQ+ televangelist, where she stated that children in public schools should be forced to undergo “biblical citizenship training”.

Earlier this year, there were reports countering some of Lauren Boebert’s conservative views alleging that she had undergone abortions and previously done sex work. Boebert has strenuously denied the claims.

Twitter users, however, are bringing attention back to the main issue.

Just a few days ago (8 November), Boebert tweeted confidently: “They called you cockroaches. They called you cult members … Today, we call them losers!”

Today though, with a Twitter that’s gone silent, Boebert is not calling anyone anything.

Kate Aurthur, an editor at Variety, summed it up with just three words in response to Boebert’s tweet: “How’s this going.”