Mormon gay man and straight wife keep marriage going with weekly sex feedback sessions

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A Mormon couple has weekly sex feedback sessions to keep their marriage afloat as the husband identifies as gay. 

Brynn Embley, 35, and her husband Matthew Nielson, 33, both belong to the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints, where they met in early 2016

It was at church that gay Mormon Nielson opened up about his sexuality.

Nielson also identifies as pansexual and is “more attracted to men than women” – something that their faith doesn’t condone. 

The Mormon Church states that “the experience of same-sex attraction is a complex reality for many people. The attraction itself is not a sin, but acting on it is”. 

Nielson admits he was motivated to date women so he that didn’t need to stay celibate as a gay Mormon.

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“Obviously, not a great place for me or most of the women that I was dating,” he told Her.

“I’ve heard gay men say that they can’t even imagine trying to be sexual with a woman, and I have never felt that way.”

In order to keep the marriage going they attend therapy and every Thursday discuss their sex life. 

“We share whether we need more if there’s anything the other can do to help make that a better part of our marriage, and so forth,” Embley said. 

Nielson explained that “it is easy for me to wonder about what I might be missing if I were in a relationship with a man”, however, he says that sex with his wife is enjoyable. 

“We do enjoy having sex and being together in that way, which is a relief!”

Prior to meeting his heterosexual wife, Nielson dated both men and women but had never had sex with anyone – including her – until they wed. 

Together the couple has two daughters; one-year-old Guinevere, and two-year-old Amandine.

Embley, who lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan, said: “I think that many more people are gay, bi, pan, or other, than have made that known openly.”