Brianna Ghey: Trans girl’s tragic killing being investigated as possible hate crime

Brianna Ghey pictured outdoors wearing a light-coloured hoodie. Her hair is long and auburn and she is smiling and wearing thick-rimmed glasses. Trees can be seen in the background.

The tragic killing of 16-year-old trans girl Brianna Ghey is now being investigated as a possible hate crime, police have said.

The trans schoolgirl was pronounced dead by authorities after being found with multiple stab wounds at Linear Park in Culcheth, Warrington, on Saturday (11 February).

Cheshire Police have been given a 30-hour extension to question a boy and a girl, both 15, who were arrested in connection with the murder.

“All lines of enquiry are being explored, including whether this was a hate crime,” a statement read. “Please continue to avoid speculation online and be wary of sharing misinformation relating to the case.”

A post-mortem examination is also planned as part of an ongoing investigation, alongside the search for the weapon and a motive.

Flowers are placed near the park where Brianna Ghey was stabbed.
Flowers are placed near the park where Brianna Ghey was stabbed. (Getty)

Sections of the park where the killing took place have reportedly been cordoned off by police tape as officers patrolled the area.

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The tragic killing has been felt across the trans community, who have sent their love and support to the Ghey family.

Several tributes and vigils have been planned over the course of this week across the UK, including London, Belfast, Liverpool, and Edinburgh.

A spokesperson for advocacy group Transgender Action Block – which arranged an 18 February vigil in London – said they want to “create a solemn atmosphere of mourning where trans youth can feel safe”.

A GoFundMe to support the Ghey family was also created shortly after news broke of the killing.

At the time of reporting, the fundraiser has earned over £72,400 and counting.

In a statement, Brianna Ghey’s parents said that she was a “much-loved daughter, granddaughter, and baby sister”.

“She was a larger-than-life character, who would leave a lasting impression on all [who] met her,” the family statement continued. “Brianna was beautiful, witty, and hilarious.

“The loss of her young life has left a massive hole, and we know that teachers and friends who were involved in her life will feel the same.”