Adele addresses being a ‘constant meme’ and reveals what she really said during Super Bowl

Adele wears a red dress as she laughs and holds a golden award after the Grammys

Adele finally revealed what she really said about Rihanna during the Super Bowl, and it’s pretty hilarious. 

The singer became a meme, once again, when a clip of her waiting for Rihanna’s halftime show went viral and thoroughly amused the Internet. 

In the clip, Adele urged people to quiet down because Rihanna was about to hit the stage. It’s not quite clear what Adele said to silence the people around here, but that hasn’t stopped folks online from using their lip-reading skills to figure out what the “Easy on Me” said. 

Adele clarified exactly what she said during a recent performance at her Weekends With Adele residency in Las Vegas. 

She joked it’s “hard work being a constant meme” and said she seems to go viral everytime she walks outside her house. The “Rolling in the Deep” singer theorised the reason she gets meme’d so much is because her “face just moves so much” as she doesn’t have Botox. 

She recalled how someone sent her the meme of her talking at the Super Bowl and explained what she was actually saying to quiet down people before Rihanna came on stage. 

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“I was saying, ‘She’s gonna be fine. She’s gonna have some weed and be fine’,” Adele said. “But clearly she couldn’t have any weed because she was pregnant!”

Adele previously stated that she was attending the Super Bowl in Arizona solely to watch Rihanna – further proving that Rihanna is the celebrity of celebrities. 

“I’m going just for Rihanna, I don’t give a flying f**k,” she told a crowd gathered at her Vegas residency. 

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