Adele waiting for Rihanna at the Super Bowl is now officially the internet’s new favourite meme

Adele waiting for Rihanna to perform at 2023 Super Bowl.

In time-honoured style, British pop icon Adele reflected the global mood as she waited impatiently to watch Rihanna perform at the Super Bowl 2023 halftime show.

Joining a string of celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Bradley Cooper who were pitchside to see Rihanna make her live musical comeback, Adele was on top form looking extremely unbothered by the NFL action as she waited for the pop icon to make her appearance.

The “Someone Like You” singer is no stranger to breaking the internet with her brilliantly comedic reactions, so much so that she’s now fondly referred to by fans as a ‘walking meme’ when she’s out and about.

Back in 2022, a clip of Adele looking around vacantly at an NBA All-Star event and completely ignoring a TV camera in close quarters went viral and has since become a timeless meme.

And since it’s no secret that she was at the Super Bowl to see Rihanna perform, the old meme made a timely reappearance as clips emerged online of Adele looking completely bored as she sat through football and adverts. In other words, a big mood.

In the past week, Adele brought her A-game at the Grammys where her chaotic energy with Lizzo, her baffled reaction to SZA’s artist introduction and adorably relatable meeting with The Rock all made top meme billing.

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And now, mere days later, we have been blessed with more relatable Adele content as she rolled up to yet another major sporting event for one thing only – a good musical time.

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Dressed in a no-nonsense power suit and oversized sunglasses, Adele made no attempt to pretend that she was at the Super Bowl for anything other than Rihanna’s halftime act – and Twitter users were quick off the mark when they spotted her looking mightily unimpressed.

“Adele showed up at the Super Bowl to watch Rihanna faster than at the Grammys where she was nominated for 7 awards,” noted one Twitter user, aptly describing the excitement of Rihanna fans.

Plenty of fans gave a shoutout to her signature lip-bop, which was born during a pandemic Instagram Live.

As always, Adele continues to be a gay icon.

In conclusion: “The way she’s just sitting there while there are two old men talking … she even did a sign for shut up ADELE IS SO REAL.”

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