Alexis Stone fools everyone at Milan Fashion Week with Jennifer Coolidge impersonation

While attending Milan Fashion Week, drag queen and makeup genius Alexis Stone transformed into Jennifer Coolidge for an iconic celeb impersonation at the Diesel show.

Using prosthetics, an entire Diesel outfit and an uncanny blonde wig to capitalise on the cultural renaissance of the Emmy-winning actor, Alexis Stone took on the appearance of everyone’s favourite wannabe dolphin impersonator, fooling fans and paparazzi alike.

She even sat next to Haley Lu Richardson, the actress who played Coolidge’s Tanya’s assistant Portia in the smash HBO show The White Lotus, prompting more confusion among fans of the series.

Speaking to Paper, Alexis Stone, who sits just shy of a million Instagram followers, told the publication that he chose her to dress up as because the “rest of the gays” love her. True.

“[There’s] so much material to work from [with Coolidge] which is always so inspiring,” Stone told Paper. “That paired with what Glenn’s doing at Diesel seemed like an iconic pairing.”

“What Glenn’s doing” refers to Glenn Martens, creative director of Diesel. Stone reportedly approached Martens with the idea after Coolidge had to drop out of attending the show due to scheduling conflicts.

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Over the years, Stone’s prosthetics prowess and makeup magic has seen him transform into the likes of Mrs Doubtfire and Dolly Parton.

Everyone thought it was her: press, guests, models backstage,” Stone told Paper. “As a six-foot man there are limitations on what we can realistically do with prosthetic transformations but this was a successful homage for sure.”

Stone also revealed to the magazine that Lu Richardson (Portia in The White Lotus) didn’t realise he was not a lookalike “until the show had finished”. He added: “I let her and her mum squeeze my silicone face and gave the gays a moment to remember.”

Reflecting on the stunt, Stone wrote on Instagram: “most news outlets thought I was in fact Jennifer, such a moment.”

‘Such a moment’ is right.