Jennifer Coolidge wants to play a literal dolphin and we can smell the Oscar already

Jennifer Coolidge and a dolphin.

Eternal icon Jennifer Coolidge has her sights set on her biggest, most dramatic role yet.

The Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor has seen her career flourish since her starring role as Tanya McQuoid in Mike White’s The White Lotus.

She’s finally getting her flowers – and enjoying her shining status as gay icon – so it’s only right she has the pick of the land for her next role.

Ironically, given how her White Lotus character bowed out, Coolidge has her sights set on the sea.

When asked by Access Hollywood at the Globes what her “ultimate dream role” would be, Coolidge, without a moment’s hesitation, replied: “I’ve always wanted to play a dolphin.”

Both interviewers went in for clarification.

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“An animated feature?”, one asked, confused, to which Coolidge bafflingly said: “No.”

The other asked is she meant “like Flipper“, referring to the ’60s live action TV show about two children and their pet dolphin, Flipper. According to Coolidge, “yes”, that hit the nail on the head.

Fans were left in hysterics at her bizarre answer, concluding: “She’s so real for this”.

As one person aptly noted: “It’s 2022 why isn’t she a dolphin yet?! Hollywood has truly run out of ideas.”

Some are even suggesting the most iconic collaboration yet, referencing Beyoncé’s infamous interview where she said she wanted to be a whale.

Many are pointing out the obvious – that Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid film could be a perfect fit.

Elsewhere at the Golden Globes, Jennifer Coolidge poignantly reflected on her long road to the top while accepting her Best Supporting Actress award.

“I had such big dreams as a young person, but what happens is they get sort of fizzled by life,” the 61-year-old said.

Addressing The White Lotus creator Mike White directly, she thanked him for giving her hope.

“You gave me a new beginning. Even though this is the end, ’cause you did kill me off. Even if this is the end, you changed my life,” she said.

“My neighbors are speaking to me and things like that. I was never invited to one party on my hill, and now everyone’s inviting me.”

Coolidge said White “really is one of the greatest people I’ve ever [met].

“He gives me so much excitement to be — you make people want to live longer, and I didn’t,” she added.

Give this woman everything she wants, we say.

While Coolidge works on her sea mammal dreams, people are sharing their own wacky ideas for what they want to see her in next.

But mostly, the internet is just full of adoration for Coolidge thriving.

Here’s to Jennifer Coolidge being a dolphin in 2023.