Drag Race’s Mistress Isabelle Brooks denies claim she threw a ‘giant tantrum’ to avoid lip syncing

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 star Mistress Isabelle Brooks has denied claims that she forced producers to save her from lip syncing by throwing a tantrum and refusing to perform.

The Texas queen – and one of the fan favourites for the crown of season 15 – has thus far avoided the bottom two, meaning she hasn’t had to lip sync for her life.

But after a dire performance during episode 10’s interview challenge she skated dangerously close to the bottom.

Drag Race alumnus and chief fire-starter Willam spilled some (alleged) tea while speaking on the Drag Race recap podcast, Race Chaser, alongside her co-host and All Stars 2 winner Alaska Thunderf**k 5000, claiming that Mistress Isabelle Brooks threw a “giant tantrum”.

“They wanted [Malaysia] to be sent home [by Mistress], because Mistress threw this giant tantrum and she was saying into her mic: ‘I don’t know the words, I’m going home, Malaysia’s going to dance circles around me’, and telling production that she was not going to do anything in the lip sync, just stand there.”

Now, Mistress Isabelle Brooks has hit back at these claims via Twitter, pointing out that “no contestant is calling the shots with anything on production side”, in reference to her alleged tantrum.

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“What I DID say was that… encourage Malaysia to dance, go all out and put on a show… we didn’t want to lip sync against each other. At this point we had gotten so close.”

“You really think I would just stand there? Be for real,” Mistress Isabelle Brooks wrote, after hitting out at the claims.

Some fans have pointed out that as well as Willam mentioning the moment on Race Chaser, Malasyia Babydoll Foxx touched on it too during her appearance at Roscoe’s Tavern, in Chicago – a gay bar that regularly holds Drag Race viewing parties.

“Mistress said she was in a gown and that it would be hard to lip sync, but also Mistress had a whole fit that was edited out, and she said: ‘I’m gonna stand there in one spot and you better dance circles around me, b**ch.'”

Fans have continued to speculate over who the “anonymous source” mentioned is.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks then replied to Malaysia’s statement, insinuating that the person who had leaked the information was the same person that “couldn’t even clap [for MIB] during the lalaparooza [sic]”.

She then confirmed that it wasn’t fellow contestant Marcia Marcia Marcia, as she “minds her business”, and that she is still friends with Willam.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks concluded that, had she had to lip sync, she was ready to do so.

“If any of you pay attention, when we go back to the runway after untucked I had my puppets in hand ready to DEMOLISH the lip-sync.”

Mistress Isabelle Brooks is still in the running for the crown of season 15, alongside Luxx Noir London, Anetra, Sasha Colby, Loosey Laduca and Salina EsTitties.

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