Drag Race’s Mistress Isabelle Brooks threw a ‘giant tantrum’ to avoid lip syncing, Willam claims

Mistress Isabelle Brooks avoided the bottom two by throwing a “tantrum”, to force production into saving her in the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, according to legend Willam.

In episode 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 15, the queens were challenged to interview various celebrities for their maxi challenge, but while Sasha Colby snagged her third win, Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Malaysia Babydoll Foxx stumbled in their respective segments with Love Connie and Frankie Grande.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks did not, however, end up lip syncing. After a generally lacklustre “Night of 1,000 Beyoncés” runway, Salina EsTitties found herself there instead – the Los Angeles queen’s third time in the bottom two.

She faced off against Malaysia Babydoll Foxx to “Single Ladies” and sent her packing.

Not everyone has agreed with Salina’s placement, but while speaking on the Drag Race recap podcast, Race Chaser, alongside her co-host and All Stars 2 winner Alaska Thunderf**k 5000, Willam, who appeared on season four of the series before becoming the first queen to ever be disqualified for breaking the rules, spilled some allegedly scorching hot tea on how the Texas drag queen saved herself from the bottom two over Salina.

“They (production) knew which girl was going home already this week and that’s why Marcia is safe. They knew Malaysia was going home, and they wanted Mistress to send Malaysia home,” said Willam.

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“And I can tell you how I know why they wanted [Malaysia] to be sent home [by Mistress], because Mistress threw this giant tantrum and she was saying into her mic: ‘I don’t know the words, I’m going home, Malaysia’s going to dance circles around me’, and telling production that she was not going to do anything in the lip sync, just stand there.”

Bear in mind that this is all speculation and only according to Willam, but supposedly she went on to say that she found the information from “quotes from other girls [on the season]!”

William added: “And production caved, they put a different girl in the bottom, they put Salina in the bottom.”

Alaska jumped in to clarify exactly why people were shocked at Salina’s placement, especially because Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Malaysia have been portrayed as having tension over the season and Salina’s interview with Love Connie was “really great”.

Alaska said: “The intel that we’re receiving is that Salina… had a really great interview and so everyone was really perplexed when she ended up in the bottom. It seemed as though it was going to be a Mistress vs Malaysia lipsync… and the whole season has kind of been building to that.”

Willam replied: “That’s what they wanted, for sure.”

Alaska said that in her opinion, Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ runway saved her from the bottom two, to which Willam responded: “Maybe. Or maybe she’s safe because she told production that she wasn’t going to do anything and they’d be forced to send her home and they know she’s the biggest agitator and that would make the season more ‘suck-y’.”

Alaska concluded: “It’s a theory.”

RuPaul recently slammed “stunt queens” pushing anti-drag bills in America, in a highly anticipated statement.

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