Bowen Yang taunts Ron DeSantis on SNL with camp Disney villain sketch: ‘The gay shall stay’

Ron DeSantis and Bowen Yang as Aladdin's Jafar.

One of Disney’s most evil and spectacularly queer-coded villains, Aladdin’s Jafar, has come out as gay – and blasted Florida’s “evil” governor Ron DeSantis in the process.

Appearing on Saturday Night Live at the weekend, comedian and Bros star Bowen Yang donned full Jafar drag to explain to host Michael Che why DeSantis, whom he referred to as “the boy”, will never be able to take the gay out of Disney.

“If the boy thinks he can somehow prevent Disney World from being gay, that carpet has flown,” Jafar drawled. “If you open up Grindr on Main Street USA, your phone explodes!”

DeSantis is currently involved in a longstanding feud with Disney, following the company’s vocal opposition to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, which prevents discussion about sexuality and gender identity with most age groups in schools.

In February, DeSantis attempted to remove Disney’s self-governing powers, aiming to pack the entertainment giant’s district board with right-wingers. However, Disney responded by pushing through a last-minute agreement with its departing board that ensures it has control of development in the Disney district for decades to come.

Yang’s Jafar denounced DeSantis as “plenty evil” for his relentless attacks on LGBTQ+ people, before taking the opportunity to come out himself.

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Reprimanding Che, he yelled: “Did my John Waters ‘tache not tip you off? Of course I’m gay, you petulant fool!

“My waist is snatched, my eyeliner on point, my final form is a yoked genie with gorgeous nails,” he added.

As well as revealing his sexuality, he listed other Disney characters who are canonically queer, including “lesbian” Ursula from The Little Mermaid and The Lion King’s Scar, who Jafar said is bisexual.

Rounding off the gloriously camp sketch, Yang took a moment in a sinister red spotlight to address “pitiful straight” DeSantis directly.

“Well, if it isn’t the swamp rat,” he began. “Bravo for attempting to seize our precious land, only to be thwarted once again by the House of Mouse.

“Don’t Say Gay? If there is no gay, there is no Disney,” he said before adding: “Everyone loves Disney – including you, ‘cos your dumb ass got married there.”

DeSantis married his wife Casey at the theme park in 2009, in a move which he now admits is incredibly “ironic”.

Taking once last swipe, Jafar quipped: “I’m sorry Miss DeSantis, the gays shall stay. And you? Sashay away.”