Bowen Yang comes out as a proud ‘spit bottom’: ‘I have a great mussy’

Bowen Yang on SNL Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update

Get out your queer dictionaries because Saturday Night Live (SNL) star Bowen Yang just invented the term “spit bottom” in a hilarious video.

The comedian read out “thirst tweets| written about him in a new BuzzFeed video, following in the footsteps of stars including Troye Sivan and Shawn Mendes.

Unsurprisingly, the 30-year-old actor had a glorious time reading about the sexual and romantic feelings strangers on the internet had for him.

“Oh, I hope I get a boyfriend out of this,” Yang joked.

After reading a couple of thirst tweets, Bowen Yang read one where the anonymised author said they wanted him to spit in their mouth.

Yang paused for a moment, contemplating his answer, before revealing a new sexual identity.

“What’s it called when you’re like the receptive partner to spit? That’s what I am,” Yang joked. “I’m like a spit bottom.”

He then proclaimed that he was “here to coin” the term “mussy”, which he explained as a “‘bussy’ with an m”.

“You do the math,” he added.

Yang then referenced a now-viral video in which Rocketman star Taron Egerton discovered what a “bussy” is.

Yang described his coining “mussy” as a “Taron Egerton moment for all of you”. He even joked that he has a “great mussy”.

Later in the segment, he read a tweet that someone was “obsessed with Bowen Yang’s mouth”.

“You mean my mussy?” Yang replied.

He also responded to a fan’s appreciation for his “body-ody-ody” by sharing his admiration for other queer icons’ figures.

“It’s certainly not Megan Thee Stallion level,” Yang said, describing his own figure. “It’s certainly not Courtney Act level.”

The Drag Race star later responded on Instagram, writing: “I feel seen and credited. Thank you Bowen!”