SNL star Victoria Jackson says ‘God hates homosexuals and sodomy’ in furious rant against Pride

Victoria Jackson gawps at camera wearing black dress and black ribbon in her hair.

Former Saturday Night Live (SNL) star and comedian Victoria Jackson has claimed that “God hates homosexuality” in an attempt to prevent her city from hosting a Pride parade.

Speaking at her local city hall in Franklin, Tennessee, where local officials were voting on whether to allow the parade, the actress made bizarre references to Bible verses in a bid to support her claim.

“God hates sodomy,” she began. “He hates homosexuality – he said it’s an abomination. And God hates sexual immorality, all kinds.

“And God hates pride. Like, one of the most things he hates is pride,” she continued.

She attempted to suggest that the downfall of biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah are proof that God hates gays, adding: “I just want to encourage this generation not to be brainwashed.”

Jackson then urged listeners to watch YouTube videos of apparent former gay man Becket Cook, who claims that he became straight after listening to a church sermon.

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The self-described “Conservative comedian” was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 1992, but is probably best known for the numerous controversies she’s embroiled herself since then.

In 2011, she hit the headlines for suggesting that Glee was “sickening” for showing two men kissing, then saying that the word “homophobic” is just a “cute little buzzword”.

She also suggested Glee should be cancelled and replaced with a show about celibacy – Ryan Murphy, sign yourself up for that one.

On her Instagram, Victoria Jackson can be seen referring to LGBTQ+ content in children’s books as “porn”.

She has also been called out for Islamophobia several times, having previously called Barack Obama an “Islamic jihadist”.

Her latest rant is going down like a lead balloon on social media, with legendary actor George Takei calling her “deplorable as always”.

Meanwhile, comedian Jay Black tweeted: “It’s disheartening to see a woman so intent on spreading the word of Christ who apparently hasn’t read a single thing the man ever said.”

Another person said: “Hard pass on your utterly un-Christian babbling about what God hates. Maybe spend a little more time reading ALL of the Bible rather than just picking and choosing snippets that support your ugly rhetoric.”

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