Ryan Murphy threatens possible Glee reboot: ‘Wouldn’t it be great?’

Ryan Murphy, the creator of musical comedy drama series Glee, has threatened a possible reboot of the terribly-aged show.

Glee, which ran from 2009 to 2015 and spanned more than 120 episodes, has had plenty of spin-off media produced around it, but there’s never been a reboot.

The focus of controversy and a series unfortunate events, including three deaths and accusations of racism directed at principal cast member Lea Michele, it seems that a Glee reboot would be totally off the cards.

But not, apparently, if creator Murphy has anything to do with it.

Appearing on former cast members Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz’s Glee centric-podcast And That’s What You REALLY Missed, he was asked whether he’d have done anything – or written any of the now-inappropriate dialogue – differently.

“I’m of two minds”, Murphy replied. “First of all, they can’t say anything worse than what has already been said. So that’s off the table.

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“The thing I love about the show now is there are people watching it. You know it’s streaming everywhere. Young people my children’s age – 10, eight, nine – who have no knowledge at all of anything we all went through. They only see the very pure work.”

A promotional still of TV series Glee featuring all of the main cast superimposed against a green background with the Glee logo above them
Could Ryan Murphy’s Glee have a reboot? (Disney)

The brains behind other hits such as American Horror Story and Pose, went on: “Part of me feels like, well, wouldn’t it be great to do another run of that show and do a lot of other songs and pay tribute to things? How fun would that be?”

Personally, we think that any Beyoncé project from after 2015 should be off limits – no one needs to see Chris Colfer sing “Formation“.

Although he claimed: “I wouldn’t change anything. There’s nothing I would change. No, nothing,” Murphy also said: “It would be difficult, but if I did do it [a reboot], I would want to take it back to the feeling of the first year. I don’t think I would do outlandish tributes right off the bat.”

Well, it wouldn’t be like Glee to do anything outlandish, would it?

“I would pretend that the last episode – whatever happened to everybody – never happened,” Murphy said. “It was a fever dream.”

A screenshot of actor Matthew Morrison as Mr Schue from US show Glee
Matthew Morrison as Mr Schuester in Glee. (YouTube/foolish thing)

On the subject of Beyoncé, though, Murphy did say that they would have to do a tribute episode, and “definitely” one for Taylor Swift.

“Particularly now because the thing about a tribute episode is you have to have a sort of visual iconic flair. Tina (Ushkowitz’s character) would have sung ‘Lavender Haze‘.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ryan Murphy revealed that a Taylor Swift tribute episode of Glee was axed due to copyright issues, and Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) was the most difficult character to write.