Everyone is fan-girling over Evil Dead Rise giving ‘trans moron representation’: ‘I am obsessed’

Stills from Evil Dead Rise including Morgan Davies' character Danny.

From Yellowjackets to Heartstopper, on-screen trans story lines are increasing. However, new horror flick Evil Dead Rise has given the representation that has still been lacking: “Trans morons.”

The latest instalment in the Evil Dead supernatural franchise has been making waves since its cinema release last week (21 April), with fans loving the sheer amount of blood, gore and great acting. But one role is standing out: Danny, played by trans Australian actor Morgan Davies.

Danny is one of three siblings, alongside Bridget (Gabrielle Echols) and Kassie (Nell Fisher). Their single mother Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) ends up possessed – with a little help from Danny.

As an aspiring DJ, teenager Danny accidentally manages to spin a vinyl that ends up releasing demonic spirits into their apartment, effectively putting all their lives in bloody peril.

It’s safe to say that no other trans actor has had the opportunity to play an eager DJ who mistakenly manages to curse their entire family in a box-office-smashing horror film – and fans are obsessed.

“One point I’ll give Evil Dead Rise: we, the trans community, were long overdue for trans moron representation. Just the biggest transgender dumb dumb who f**ks s**t up for everyone. It was a blessing,” wrote one person on social media.

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Another joked: “As a trans woman, I can attest Evil Dead Rise was realistic: the annoying trans brother would absolutely f**k everyone over. It’s giving cis, and that’s gender affirming, so go forth, brother.”

A third added: “If there’s anything Evil Dead Rise taught me, it’s that we need more trans dips**ts in film.”

In a TV and film world where so much trans representation is about characters’ pain or trauma related to their identity, or heart-warming yet mushy content about overcoming adversity, fans are enjoying seeing a trans actor play a role that’s simply about summoning evil chaos.

Plus, there’s no mention of Danny being trans or cisgender, while Warner Bros has not made a huge deal about casting a trans man in the role.

“Really appreciate Evil Dead Rise for featuring a trans actor without making a whole announcement patting themselves on the back,” one person tweeted. “They just gave him the job and let him crush it. More of this please.”

Another fan wrote: “Just found out the actor in Evil Dead Rise is trans. That’s so amazing, his transness is never really even brought up or called into question.”

Film producers, take note: now cast a trans actor as the idiot in your next blockbuster.

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