First trailer drops for Pedro Pascal’s gay Western tipped to rival Brokeback Mountain

The internet’s favourite daddy (Pedro Pascal) is starring in queer western Strange Way of Life – and the first trailer has promised a whole lot of gun-slinging gays.

If you’re not aware of the deathly tight chokehold that Pedro Pascal currently has on every facet of the zeitgeist, we don’t know what to tell you. Past being everyone’s “Cool, slutty daddy,” the actor has blazed through various silver screen projects in the last few months, not least as Joel Miller in the fungus-ridden world of HBO’s post-apocalyptic series The Last of Us, and weekly instalments of Disney+’s Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian.

Luckily for anyone with an appreciation of acting, a love of Western movies or daddy issues, Pascal’s return to film opposite has been heralded by a role opposite Ethan Hawke in Pedro Almodóvar’s queer western Strange Way of Life – and a new trailer has dropped today (26 April).

Strange Way of Life stars man of the moment Pascal as a gunslinging cowboy named Silva, who travels on horseback across the desert to find old friend and sherif Jake, played by BOYHOOD actor Ethan Hawke – and it’s refreshing to see a film billed as ‘queer’ actually involve some queer scenes, as per the trailer.

The two clearly have a lot of unresolved tension, sexual or otherwise, and are at once arguing and getting intimate in the trailer – there’s a tender neck smooch from Hawker to Pascal, as well as a later scene in which Daddy Pedro is tending to his lover’s wounds.

“You never loved me, you’ve never loved anyone in your life,” spits Pascal at Hawke, who pulls a gun on him. We’re not ones to kink-shame, but that seems dangerous.

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As the trailer draws to a close, Pascal says to Hawke, who has been injured and is lying in bed: “Years ago you asked me what two men could do, living together on a ranch. I’ll answer you now.”

Pascal also rocks a phenomenal green leather jacket – a piece of clothing sure to be echoed in gay bars around the world, upon the commercial release of Strange Way of Life. No set premiere date has been confirmed, though the film was announced as a selection for the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month.