Eurovision 2023 crowned a winner – and everyone’s saying the same thing about Finland

Finland Eurovision 2023

With Sweden’s Loreen making history as the first woman ever to win Eurovision twice, some fans of the annual song contest feel a certain country was grievously robbed.

The grand final of Eurovision 2023 aired on Saturday (13 May) in a spectacular celebration of campness and Europop, with a whole raft of hilarious, joyful and straight-up weird standout moments.

From Hannah Waddington’s incredible turn as host – can she do it every year, please? – earning her the status of internet ‘mother’ to Croatian punk rockers Let 3 calling Putin a “crocodile psychopath” in their entry “Mama ŠČ”, this was a Eurovision packed with meme-able moments. 

But as we wake up in the aftermath, there’s one word that’s trending, in all caps, on Twitter – ROBBED.

Many fans are disappointed – nay, outraged – that Finland’s Käärijä didn’t take home the glass microphone tropy with his punky, shouty and undeniably catchy “Cha Cha Cha”.

Rapper Kaarija performs on behalf of Finland during the final of the Eurovision Song contest 2023. (OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Finland was a major fan favourite going into the contest and ranked first in the public vote, but came in fourth in the jury vote with 150 points.

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When all the votes were tallied, Sweden finished first with 583 points, Finland came in second place with 526 and Israel in third with 362.

Finnish popstar Käärijä performed in a puffy-sleeved, open-chested luminous green shirt with a spiked collar and black trousers also adorned with spikes. There was headbanging, tongue flicking and some – not enough, really – pole action.

Four backing dancers in highlighter pink emerged from a giant wooden crate, on pink leashes, no less, before they engaged in some frankly oompa-loompa style dancing and a decidedly camp take on the human centipede.

Finland and Sweden were both bookies’ favourites to win, but Sweden’s bisexual pop icon Loreen swept to victory, becoming the first woman in Eurovision history to win the competition twice.

On social media, plenty of fans feel that “Cha Cha Cha” and Käärijä should’ve taken the crown, with one fan writing saltily: “The whole of Europe thought Finland was better than Sweden but still we have this super-serious, beige Swedish winner.

“ROBBED. Get rid of juries at Eurovision – look at what they have taken from us!!”

Another posted: “Our robbed king, our Princess Diana” – along with a photo of the Finnish artist.

And they’re not alone.

However, not everyone was here for the chat about who was or wasn’t robbed.

One Twitter user posted: “Not engaging in conversation going forward about who was robbed or who should have won #Eurovision.

“Sorry your fave didn’t win but spreading hate & negativity is really childish. If you can’t handle losing don’t watch. Congratulations Loreen, you fully deserved this double win!”