Succession finale finally confirms fan favourite character’s sexuality: ‘We won y’all!’

Vindication for queer Stewy fans! (HBO)

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the final episode of Succession season 4

Arguably one of the greatest TV series to grace our screens, HBO’s Succession has come to an end with its fourth season. Yet it didn’t bow out without revealing a little known fact about Stewy Hosseini.

Ever since Succession first aired almost five years ago back in 2018, equity investor, coke-snorter and chief Kendall Roy follower Stewy Hosseini (Arian Moayed) has established himself as a firm fan favourite. 

Viewers of the show have come to love him for his wise-cracking, charisma and oozing sex appeal and because, quite simply, he isn’t as much of a snake as everyone else at Waystar Royco. He’s remained confident and comfortable with who he is, from season one to the grand, show-stopping finale.

Yet there’s one detail about Stewy that has plagued fans since the beginning: is he, or isn’t he, a little on the fruity side?

Some fans have spent much of the past five years claiming Stewy as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Some felt he was a little camp, so he could potentially place somewhere in the rainbow alphabet.

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Last year, actor Arian Moayed retweeted a clip, in which a fan stated that they related to Stewy because they too are “insanely gay” – this, obviously, poured further petrol on the fire.

Others have picked up on the subtle notes of obsession in how Stewy responds to wannabe businessman Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) – from buying shares in Waystar to save the company and attempting to help Kendall become CEO at the very beginning, up until the general vibes between the two in the final season.

Plus, while Stewy has claimed that he has a girlfriend, we have suspiciously not seen her on-screen, well, ever. 

Now, fans who have continuously asserted that Stewy is queer in one way or another are feeling incredibly vindicated. While much of the final episode of season four focussed on Kendall’s desperation to be named Waystar CEO and the impact of Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) eventually getting the title, some fans are honing in on one scene in particular. 

Half way through the final episode, Kendall appears to subtly reveal that Stewy is actually bisexual, with a penchant for getting off with guys while high on MDMA. 

“I like weird sex. I like bad drugs. I’m a very complicated individual,” Stewy says as he stands in front of Kendall’s desk. 

“Bulls**t. Bulls**t,” Kendall responds. “You like pancakes and waffles and you kiss guys on molly.”

The hint at Stewy’s bisexuality, despite being revealed minutes before the series ended forever, is being celebrated – a lot – by fans who have always had Stewy’s queerness on their radar.

“The true ending of Succession is that it’s finally confirmed Stewy is bisexual since he loves kissing guys on molly. Fellow Stewy fans, we won,” one fan wrote on social media. 

“Walks out of the Succession finale in tears and covered in sweat, blood and ash. At least Stewy [is] canon bisexual, haha,” another wrote.

A third added: “I haven’t finished the Succession episode but whoever wins, bisexual Stewy canon – this is insane already. 10/10 just for that.”

While Stewy can officially be inducted into the LGBTQ+ characters’ hall of fame, actor Moayed has laughed off the idea that his character would have ever got with Kendall.

“Oh my God. Kendall and Stewy … I think the cool thing about art and artists is that if you can go and tell the f**king truth as best you can, people are going to fill in the rest with their narrative,” he told Variety.

“God bless, do it, man! Who’s to say it isn’t? I’ve never once thought of it that way, but there are so many fans that are so about it – who am I to say? That’s what fandom is, isn’t it?”

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