Glamour magazine’s pregnant trans man cover hailed as ‘incredible’ milestone

Logan Brown, a pregnant trans man, wearing a body paint suit on the cover of Glamour. The magazine title is behind his head and the cover says 'trans pregnant and proud'.

Glamour magazine has featured a pregnant trans man, Logan Brown, on its cover in a powerful show of solidarity for Pride Month.

Brown was photographed towards the end of their pregnancy for Glamour’s digital June cover. The magazine, aimed at women, said the special issue “celebrates the allyship that exists between women (cisgender or not) and transgender people through our shared experiences”

In the accompanying interview, Brown opened up about finding confidence during an expected pregnancy.

His partner is the non-binary drag performer and social media favourite Bailey J Mills, and Brown became pregnant while off testosterone due to health issues.

“It was like my whole world stopped. That everything, all my manlihood [sic] that I’ve worked hard for, for so long, just completely felt like it was erased,” Brown told Glamour.

He explained that he “had to get to the point of being confident with who I am and being a pregnant man”.

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Eventually, Brown said, he realised: “I’m never gonna get this opportunity again’ to – as a queer couple – have a baby that’s biologically both ours. Which is really special to me, and eventually, something just clicked.”

Throughout his pregnancy, Brown, who is a writer and children’s support worker, has focused on educating others about trans parenthood.

He started a blog, Up The Duff Man, and wrote a children’s book titled In My Daddy’s Belly, which follows the joy of two dads awaiting the birth of their baby. 

Logan Brown says NoHun attacks were ‘difficult’

Logan Brown also touched on the abuse he and Bailey J Mills faced on social media, after being asked by Glamour about transphobic comments they suffered from the influencer NoHun, real name Raurie Williams.

Williams targeted the couple on Instagram, writing “men can’t get pregnant” underneath Brown’s posts and making other derogatory comments towards the trans community.

Brown declined to say Williams’ name, adding: “It was really difficult to deal with that, because it just blew up for over 48 hours.

“The queer community was not happy about it at all, showing so much love [to me]. He lost quite a lot of followers; I don’t think it did him any justice, to be honest, but I don’t want to give him any more clout than what he’s received, because he’s using his platform against trans people.”

Brown and Bailey, who met two years ago, are now parents to daughter Nova, who was born last month. In a follow-up interview, he spoke about giving birth in an NHS hospital.

Brown said he had asked for his own room – “I didn’t want conflict or to make other women on the ward uncomfortable” – but that his experience on a labour ward was “fine”.

He praised staff for supporting him throughout, including by correcting a doctor who misgendered him. Labour did, however, make him feel overwhelmed and dysphoric.

“I actually asked for a C-section at the beginning, but the more I connected with my body, the more I did want to give it a go [giving birth naturally],” he said.

“If it were to happen again, though, I think putting a plan in place to have a C-section would make me a lot more comfortable and confident.”

Ultimately, Brown said of becoming a father: “Some of it, I expected to be hard, but what a massive achievement; we’re really, really lucky.”

On Instagram, followers called the cover “incredibly powerful” and “so incredible”.

“This is INCREDIBLE. To be speaking up about this during such a difficult time is so admirable and will do so much for those who need to learn about these experiences, but will also show to anyone in the trans community that this is beautiful. You are phenomenal, I’m in complete awe.”

Brown’s partner Mills wrote: “So proud of you beautiful.”

Read the full interview in the Glamour UK June digital issue, online now.