Erect penis on Netflix drama A Man In Full slammed by Tory MP: ‘Low grade porn’

Raymond Peepgrass (played by Tom Pelphrey showing his erect penis in an episode of Netflix's A Man In Full

Tory MP Alexander Stafford has slammed Netflix drama A Man in Full for showing an erect penis in one of its episodes.

Based on the Tome Wolfe novel by the same name, A Man in Full follows Atlanta real estate tycoon Charlie Croker (Jeff Daniels) “facing relentless foes and sudden bankruptcy,” who “must claw his way back to the top when his empire begins to crumble.”

The six-part Netflix series was released on 2 May, but viewers are still taking their time to adjust to one scene in particular – namely, when a character named Raymond Peepgrass (played by Tom Pelphrey) takes a viagra and takes off his towel to reveal, well, a man in full.

The virality of the scene has stayed, ahem, firm since the episodes dropped, but outrage surrounding the moment has only grown.

Raymond Peepgrass (played by Tom Pelphrey) in Netflix's A Man In Full
Raymond Peepgrass (played by Tom Pelphrey) in Netflix’s A Man In Full. (Netflix)

Alexander Stafford, the Tory Member of Parliament for Rother Valley since 2019, has taken a swipe at Netflix for including the erect penis in its show.

According to, Stafford branded the show ‘low-grade porn’, saying: “If Netflix is serving up this sort of low-grade, pornographic rubbish, we need to give Ofcom full oversight of the streaming giant’s output as soon as possible.”

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Gogglebox star Mary Killen similarly complained: “Viewers shouldn’t be forced to see pornography. This trend will end in tears as it’s depressing, unmysterious and taking away some of life’s magic.”

Because Netflix is a streaming service, it does not fall under regulatory body Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code and guidelines indicating that sex and nudity should be shown after the watershed on TV.

Speaking about the scene (via Variety), Pelphrey explained how the scene was built to a climax.

“The conversation was, what is the maximal comedic penis payoff? We didn’t change a word of what David wrote, and I let that always let that inform any decision I make. So, based on the text, we thought it was kind of funny that this little buggy Raymond Peepgrass might have a fucking big dick,” he said.

“Also, I thought that that choice just lent itself to being the most ridiculous and absurd version of how that could go — the most cheap male, toxic humor shit. If we’re gonna do it, let’s fully do that. Regina [King] got it.”

A Man in Full is available to stream on Netflix.