The ‘real-life’ Martha from Baby Reindeer says she’s planning to sue Netflix

Jessica Gunning as Martha, who is based on a real-life stalker, in Baby Reindeer on Netflix

As Netflix’s gripping series Baby Reindeer tops the streaming charts, it’s not just the intense storyline keeping audiences captivated: there’s also been huge interest in the true story behind it. Mainly: who is Martha in real life?

Written, created by and starring bisexual comedian Richard GaddBaby Reindeer tells the autobiographical story of struggling comedian Donny’s (Gadd) traumatic ordeal with a stalker called Martha, played by Pride star Jessica Gunning.

Just a few days ago, Gadd had to issue a statement urging fans and viewers not to try and identify the real-life people behind the characters, including Martha.

Posting to his Instagram Story, Gadd wrote: “People I love, have worked with and admire … are unfairly getting caught up in speculation. Please don’t speculate on who any of the real-life people could be. That’s not the point of the show.”

However, it seems that a woman who believes she was the inspiration for Martha has since come forward and spoken to the Scottish Sun about her reaction to the series… and it isn’t a positive one.

Expressing her outrage to the Scottish Sun, the woman said she was particularly against the casting of Jessica Gunning, describing her as a “fat actress” who doesn’t match her own attractiveness, declaring, “I am very attractive. (Gadd) is not Brad Pitt.”

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The woman, reportedly an Aberdeen University law graduate, also told the Scottish Sun that she plans to sue Netflix, and that she intends to represent herself in any legal action against the US-based broadcaster. She also claimed she had been tracked down by fans of the show who “bombarded” her with abusive messages.

The Scottish Sun reports her as saying: “I’m a highly competent lawyer. I’d have to do it myself. I’m very good.

“I have a photographic memory and can memorise huge files. I was top in my school at everything.”

She then added: “People are probably saying I’m a mass murderer. This can’t continue. I will kick their asses.”

In the interview, the woman also revealed she sent Richard Gadd a pair of “tartan M&S pants” as a gift to celebrate one of his shows.

You can read the full Scottish Sun interview here.

Baby Reindeer is available for streaming on Netflix now.