Atomic Kitten star reacts to becoming a gay Twitter meme after ‘psychotic’ Big Brother moment

Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton points as she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton has seen your “You don’t have to shout” memes, and she’s more than here for them.

While the star is best-known for being one third of the noughties girl band who had hits including “Whole Again” and “Eternal Flame”, in 2015, she opted for a stint on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

She finished third but her most notable moment came during an argument with gay US reality TV star Austin Armacost. 

After he called fellow housemate and model Janice Dickinson a “c**t” and a “bad mother”, Hamilton lost her temper, screaming: “You don’t have to shout!”

To this day, Hamilton’s vein-popping response is retweeted by queer X/Twitter users as a reaction meme.

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews following the release of her first solo single “Edge Of Us”, Hamilton reflected on the meme and her status as an official ‘hun’ – or as she called it, being part of the “jeans and a nice top” gang.

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“I love it,” she said. “My ‘You don’t have to shout!’ meme… it’s quite funny, because as my kids have gotten older, they send me [it] – my older boys are like: ‘What the hell is going on?’ And I’m just like, ‘Yeah, mummy’s a meme’.”

Hamilton knows that her becoming a meme is very much in good faith.

Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton smiles while wearing a black dress at a red carpet event.
Natasha Hamilton is quite happy being a meme. (Getty)

“I love a bit of banter. I can totally take the p*ss out of myself. It’s brilliant,” she said.

“When I look back at that, I’m like: ‘It’s psychotic’, [but] going into the Big Brother house will [turn] you into a complete psychopath. I was so sleep-deprived and Austin used to come in and out the bedroom – my bed was right next to the door. I just lost my s**t.

“But we are friends, we still text occasionally,” she added.

Following the release of her debut single, Hamilton has big plans for the next step of her comeback, including an EP in July and a solo album next year.

And, if the stars align, she’s up for performing at LGBTQ+ music festival Mighty Hoopla, and may even be heading to RuPaul’s Drag Race UK as a guest judge

“Hell yes, I’d absolutely love to be on the panel. I watch it with my kids, my kids love it as well,” she said. “We’ll see what happens.”

“Edge Of Us” is available now.

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