Hollyoaks star hits back at trolls upset at her son playing in a dress

Daisy Wood-Davis

Former Hollyoaks actor Daisy Wood-Davis has hit back at trolls after they targeted her son for wearing a dress at pre-school.

Wood-Davis, who starred as Kim Butterfield in the Channel 4 soap from 2014 until 2018, originally posted a series of images to her Instagram story, which have since expired, praising her son’s pre-school for allowing him to wear a dress as part of an activity.

She said that Asa, whose father is her former soap co-star Luke Jerdy, was told by classmates that boys don’t not wear dresses.

“I feel so passionate about this,” she replied. “Not just in case Asa wants to wear a dress one day, but to make sure he is never the child who bullies or puts another down for being ‘different’ – which seems to happen from such a young age, it’s scary.

A screenshot of an Instagram Story from Daisy Wood-Davis
Daisy Wood-Davis took to Instagram to praise her son’s pre-school. (@daisy_wood_davis/ Instagram)

“I can’t believe children’s innocence is taken away so early by gender-normative views which doesn’t necessarily mean a homophobic parent is at home but it’s a parent [who] doesn’t care enough to actively bring it up and discuss it with their child. Rant over.”

Wood-Davis then received messages of hate, and shared some of the comments to a since-expired Instagram story, Metro reported.

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One of the messages reportedly read: “This is what is wrong with the world now. Is it normal for a little boy to wear a dress… no it’s not and personally I don’t want to explain to my son why other boys are wearing dresses. Are you also letting him decide what gender he is when he is clearly a boy?”

Wood-Davis replied: “And here they are… crawling out of the woodwork. I am laughing out loud that you think me letting my two year old play in a dress is him telling me he’s a different gender. He doesn’t know his surname, how on Earth would he know that about himself yet?

“Why are you so scared? As parents, we should want to nurture our children’s innocence, play, creativity and expression.

“I’m so sorry your kids haven’t been able to experience that and you’re so frightful of a little boy in a dress.”

Elsewhere, she added that she’d also received “lovely DMs” from “kind, intelligent” parents.

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