Leather daddy Stitch dances to Troye Sivan at Disneyland Pride. Yes, you read that right

It’s not often that a headline needs repeating, but for clarification: Lilo & Stitch character Stitch has taken part in Disneyland’s Pride celebrations – dressed in leather and dancing to Troye Sivan’s “Rush”.

The latest development in Disney’s relationship with the queer community, following a half-hearted Pride post on behalf of Marvel, a “male” Evil Queen at Walt Disney World and Riley not being a lesbian in Inside Out 2, is Stitch “all leathered up” for a dance party.

Originally posted by X/Twitter user @BrianParticelli, and reposted by Pop Crave, a video of the cartoon character, wearing a leather jacket and biker hat, showed alien Stitch busting his best moves to Sivan’s iconic poppers anthem.

The performance was part of Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite celebrations, at an event called the Ohana Dance Party on Tuesday (18 June), at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace.

Stitch can be seen being cheered on by fans – one of whom yells “Daddy” pretty loudly.

X users were quick to christen the alien “Leather Daddy Stitch”, with one even referring to a certain erotica artist with the phrase: “Not Stitch of Finland.”

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Another asked: “How is this a real tweet? What timeline are we in?” A third joked: “I always knew I was related to that little psychotic gay alien.”

Someone else said: “For anyone complaining, technically this is Biker Stitch which has no relation to the leather community except for sheer coincidence.” A pin of Stitch wearing the outfit shows the extra terrestrial wearing the same clothes.

Disneyland’s Pride Nite celebrations continue on Thursday (20 June).

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