Troye Sivan sparks queer frenzy with ‘Rush’ promo: ‘Using bottom culture to promote his new era’

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan has teased the start of his upcoming era, complete with new single “Rush” and a picture of the pop superstar looking like he’s experiencing a great deal of pleasure.

When it comes to marketing, pop superstar Troye Sivan has nailed the promotion for his new musical era.

So far, the only promo fans have been given for his his newest single “Rush” has been a nude thirst trap and a short snippet of the song. But that was it all it took to send Twitter into a tailspin, because the visuals suggest that Sivan is indeed being nailed.

Not only does “Rush” share the same name as one of the world’s most famous brand of poppers – a drug often taken by gay men while bottoming to help relax – but Sivan’s is also very much looking like he might be experiencing the wonders of bottoming in his new social media rollout. And good for him, we should add!

Fans have reacted to the presumed cover art of the single with equal parts humour and thirst.

“I’m obsessed with Troye Sivan using bottom culture to promote his new era,” one Twitter user wrote.

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Another added: “The Twink Supreme is BACK!!!!” while a third commented: “Somebody watched King Cobra, huh?”

Thus far, along with a fairly (very) naked pic of Sivan’s torso and pillow covering his nether regions, Sivan has only shared a snippet of the song, in which he sings: “Heartbeat racing / My body blazing. I feel the rush / Addicted to your touch / Oh, I feel the rush / It’s so good, it’s so good.”

Fans have also reacted excitedly to the sneak peek of the new music.

“The way that I know this is already going to be my anthem,” one wrote.

“Popper anthem incoming,” added another.

It’s not the first time Sivan has written and sung about the joys of sitting on a penis. His 2018 song “Bloom” has also been coined a “bottoming anthem”.

He previously spoke about the length of time it took to create his upcoming album on Instagram.

“I didn’t mean to take 5 years to make this album – Bloom tour happened (lmk if you came), then I started working on it, then c*ckbig19 (COVID-19), then The Idol, always working on the album in all the moments between … and now here we are.

“Enough excuses now. Enough saying ‘soon’, this is for YOU and it starts NOWWWW.”

“Rush” is available to be pre-saved now, and is due to be released soon.