Pornhub reveals most-viewed gay porn categories in each US state

A multi-coloured state map of the United States of America

PornHub has released its latest insights into the gay porn viewing habits in the US.

The adult website has never been shy about sharing statistics regarding what its users get up to, with the 2023 Year in Review breaking down demographics around age, gender and location, as well as the top searches and categories.

The new statistics have been released as part of a collaboration between and the porn website for Pride month and features a range of findings for the US and the rest of the world, with everything from twinks and daddies, to cowboys and grandpas getting a mention.

Variety is the spice of life for US viewers

In the US, while the straight guys category was the most watched overall, lots of other searches were thrilling viewers.

pornhub insights

The bareback category was most popular on the West Coast and in Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming. Twinks were popular in the Midwest and certain parts of the East Coast, including New York, while Southerners preferred content with Black actors and models.

When the PornHub statisticians drilled down into the relative searches by state, they found people in Michigan, Minnesota and New Jersey liked men who get their hands dirty, with farmers and country boys respectively being the top searches. Those in Wyoming like vintage cowboys, while Rhode Islanders found construction workers the most arousing.


There was also a trend of folks loving content of older men, with Tennessee liking grandpas, Iowa being interested in old men performing alone and South Carolina simpler liking older men.

A number states has top searches that were not seen elsewhere, for example people in California love lingerie while Floridians were all about feet worship.

When broken down by age, PornHub’s research showed older generations were much more likely to watch adult content.

The 65+ age group was 104 per cent more likely to view gay porn than the other groups, those in the 55-64 age group was 26 per cent more likely, and those 45 to 54 were eight per cent more likely.

By contrast, the those aged between 35 and 44 were 21 per cent less likely to watch gay porn, the 25-34 age group was -17 per cent and those aged 18 to 24 was 15 per cent less likely.


Maybe surprisingly, gay-porn viewers were found to be fairly evenly split by gender, with 57 per cent being male, and women making up the other 43 per cent.

Younger viewers were more interested in the cartoon and twink categories, while those aged 65 and older liked watching blowjobs.

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