PornHub reveals what users searched for most in 2023

Move over Spotify Wrapped, PornHub has released its annual insights into the world’s porn habits, and they certainly make for *interesting* reading. 

From Mormon porn, to furries, to twinks, PornHub’s 10th annual Year in Review report has revealed global trends in porn watching, finding that “mature” and “MILF” porn topped the year’s trends, as did technology-based fantasies like “AI robot” porn.

Breaking down demographics by age, the porn site also found that Boomers (people aged 55 and above) are increasingly searching for transgender porn, with Boomers 58 per cent more interested in trans porn than younger demographics. 

But what else does the data suggest about our porn-watching habits?

What did LGBTQ+ users watch the most?

On PornHubGay, “twink” took the top spot for most-searched term, followed by “anime”. The term “curious straight friends” also took a big leap this year, up by 27 points from last year – so congratulations to those guys.

“Furry” also hit high on the top list of searches – and while the community is not a gender or sexuality in itself, there is a large overlap with the LGBTQ+ community, with research finding that typically “at least 70 per cent of the furry fandom identifies as LGBTQ+”.

Interestingly, the term “straight” came up high in the list of trending searches on PornHubGay, though it is down three places from 2022.


The biggest fantasies by US state

Breakdowns of most-searched porn terms by US state made for some more unusual revelations, with “goth”, “cartoon porn”, and “mormon” all reaching top spots for areas around America.

Some of the states’ trends say a lot about their location, with “mormon” a popular term in Utah, a state known for its high Mormon population, and “Vegas” unsurprisingly high on the list in Nevada.

The report also found that “nudist” was popular in Oregon, a liberal state which does actually have several nude beaches and nudist events like spas, while “Turkish” was rated high in New Jersey, the state with the highest number of Turkish residents in the US.

Other slightly more niche categories popular across the US included “body swap” in New York, “tickling” in Minnesota, and “bubble butt” in North Carolina.


The UK’s most-searched terms

In the UK, it seems that our porn-viewers are most interested in keeping things close to home, with “British” a high search term when looking for porn.

“Mature British” was also a search which trended 751 per cent higher this year than previous years, with “British dogging” also a hugely popular trend.

“MILF” and “lesbian” also took the top spots for the most searched terms in the country, and while “hentai” was popular, it slipped slightly lower in the rankings compared to last year.

Interestingly, detailed insights found that Brits skipped their usual porn-watching sessions to watch the Coronation in May, with a drop in watching time of -10.4 per cent at 11am, when the ceremony began.