Edinburgh Pride: Dad hailed as ‘legend’ for planting Pride flag in anti-LGBTQ+ protestors backpack

Dad Dan Bretherton has been hailed a 'legend' for putting a Pride flag in the backpack of a lone protester a Edinburgh Pride.

A dad has gone viral on social media for planting a Progress Pride flag into the backpack of a lone anti-LGBTQ+ protester at Edinburgh Pride. 

On Saturday (22 June), Scotland’s self-proclaimed longest running celebration of diversity took place, with the march progressing through the city centre to the Scottish parliament building at Holyrood. 

The joy-filled event saw one lone anti-LGBTQ+ protester march with a sign saying “God’s Way: one man, one woman, one marriage. Jesus is lord.” 

Dan Bretherton, who was at the Pride event with his daughter and her partner, decided to add a little more colour to the protester’s outfit.

As the protester marched past, Bretherton, who wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “proud dad”, took his mini Progress Pride flag and placed it in the man’s rucksack for all to see – other than the protester himself.

Dad goes viral on social media

A video of the moment shows the bearded protester walking obliviously with his sign before the dad pops the flag into his backpack to the cheers of the onlookers, and someone saying “well done Dan”. 

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The camera turns to his face as he smiles while watching the protester continue up Royal Mile with the flag he is opposing flying behind him. 

Comments under the video, which has been viewed more than 10 million times, praise Bretherton for his quick thinking. 

“The beautiful act of a proper dad,” one person wrote. 

Another comment called for him to be made the official marshal of next year’s parade, while someone else hailed him “dad of the year”. 

Someone who quote-tweeted the video wrote: “My company is marching in a pride parade this year and my mom is gonna join me! Thank you to the parents that love and support their kids!” 

Another reposted the video adding, “come at me with homophobia? I’ma just stick a flag on you”. 

Others were in awe of his allyship and many have named him a “legend”. 

PinkNews has contacted Dan Bretherton for comment. 

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