JoJo Siwa stops performance after being booed at NYC Pride: ‘Respectfully, f**k you’

JoJo Siwa at Chicago Pride

Pop singer Jojo Siwa stopped her NYC Pride performance midway through, after a member of the crowd booed her.

Siwa was singing as part of drag queen Trixie Mattel’s Solid Pink Disco Pride Tour during New York City Pride on Saturday (29 June).

A video posted to X and TikTok shows Siwa shouting into her microphone and saying: “Who the living f**k just booed me? Where the f**k did that come from?”

“Which one of you? Which one of you?”

Siwa can be seen pacing the stage before grabbing a homemade sign from one of her fans and calmly telling the heckler, “Respectfully, f**k you.”

It is unclear what the sign said or who made it.

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She also flashes her middle finger and encourages her backup dancers to offer their middle fingers too while her fans applaud and cheer for her.

The video finishes with Siwa saying: “F**k the booers, somebody just chucked a bra at me.”

Siwa performed her new song Guilty Pleasure prior to the heckling, which included two of her backup dancers dressed as teddy bears provocatively rubbing against Siwa’s body.

Siwa is best known for appearing on two seasons of the reality TV series Dance Moms before signing with Nickelodeon to star in various shows and releasing children’s songs.

At the age of 21, Siwa is now attempting to transition from being a child star to a more mature look and sound.

She came out as gay in January 2021 and often uses her performances to make statements about LGBTQ+ rights.

JoJo Siwa comes out gay
JoJo Siwa came out as gay in the most low-key way in 2021 (X)

In April, Siwa told US Weekly that the child star the world used to know and love would never return: “She will never come back, but I will never hate her. I’m always going to be proud of her. That kid got through some s**t.”

Her rebrand has caused controversy online, leading to a lot of hate from former fans or people who had never heard of her when she was a child star.

In particular, Siwa was criticised for drinking alcohol at her 21st birthday in May – despite legally being allowed to after turning 21 – and was also accused of “stealing” the recently released song “Karma”.

There is no evidence that Siwa stole the song, as she never claimed to have written it herself. That didn’t stop the public shaming she received.

“The internet has taken me through the freaking ringer. But at the end of the day, I made the art that I wanted to, and I’m so happy, so proud, so excited to bring this version of pop music back,” Siwa previously told Billboard.

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