Gamer Nickmercs banned from Twitch after using anti-trans slur

Nicholas Kolcheff, pictured.

Online video game streamer Nickmercs is involved in drama once again after being barred from Twitch after using an anti-trans slur during a live stream.

Nick Kolcheff, better-known by his user name Nickmercs, was kicked off from the streaming platform on Friday (28 June) after reportedly going on an anti-trans rant last month.

“There’s no such thing as trans people,” he is reported to have said, before using the word “tr***y”.

Addressing the ban on X/Twitter, the controversial FaZe clan member wrote: “Apparently that’s a derogatory term. That’s on me. Next time I’ll use mental-health disorder.”

Nickmercs is no stranger to drama and controversy and has promoted anti-LGBTQ+ conspiracy theories.

Streamer Nickmercs smiling while wearing a brown top, gold chain and standing in a bar.
Nick Kolcheff has been barred from Twitch. (Getty)

During Pride month last year, he posted in response to a tweet about an alleged assault on a pro-LGBTQ+ protest in Florida, writing: “They should leave little children alone. That’s the real issue.”

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His post appears to be a reference to the conspiracy theory that LGBTQ+ people, particularly those who do drag, are “groomers” – a claim built on homophobic prejudice with no evidence behind it.

Kolcheff has also previously shown his disdain for transgender people, accusing MrBeast sidekick Ava Tyson, who is trans, of “leaving behind your wife and child to play pretend”.

Tyson has regularly stated that, while she divorced her spouse after coming out, she still has a good relationship with Katie and their child.

Kolcheff’s behaviour has resulted in video game series Call of Duty removing a bundle named after him, following anti-LGBTQ+ remarks in 2023.

Twitch has not clarified whether it will allow Kolcheff, who has more than 6.7 million followers, to return to the platform.

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