No, YouTuber RiceGum hasn’t come out as trans – it was just an OnlyFans star making a joke

Quite a lot of people on the internet spent the weekend thinking that US streamer RiceGum had officially come out as a trans woman, googling phrases like “RiceGum now” and “is RiceGum a girl”.

27-year-old streamer Bryan Quang Le, known as RiceGum, started out on YouTube before moving to Twitch, and then finally to Rumble. On May 30 this year, he announced he was quitting streaming and hasn’t been online since.

Enter transgender OnlyFans star Kiyana. She spotted an opportunity to make a joke out of the fact the famous streamer had stepped back from the internet for a while – going viral in the process.

Sharing a screenshot of a YouTube video titled “The Disappearance of RiceGum”, 20-year-old Kiyana – who describes herself as an “Asian trans girl from Canada” – tweeted: “It’s crazy that people still call me ricegum… I’ve been a girl for almost 2 years now.”

(Oh, just so you’re aware: her feed is pretty X-rated. We’ve not linked to any NSFW tweets though.)

The deadpan tweet has since been shared nearly 5000 times since it was posted on Jun 29; it’s also racked up over 13 million views. A lot of people were taken in by it and “RiceGum” began trending on X as a result.

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One person replied: “i actually had to google if this was real im so mad i fell for it”. Another said: “So … I just found out ricegum transitioned and is on twitter!????”

However, others questioned why anyone had fallen for the prank at all, with one writing: “why are people falling for this did you forget ricegum has a kid and is pushing 30?”

Kiyana, who has 430,000 followers on X, previously posted a similar joke back in May – sharing a photo of RiceGum next to one of her posing in a schoolgirl outfit with the caption: “Same day 2 years apart.. it’s crazy what estrogen can do”, but it didn’t go quite as viral. She used it as a screenshot in the more recent tweet.

She also joked that she used to be billionaire anti-aging advocate Bryan Johnson in a third tweet.

(X: SlayzKiana)

To sum up: no, RiceGum isn’t a girl now, and you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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