Anti-trans YouTuber Keemstar admits that trans men have periods: ‘Now I get it’

Daniel M Keem, known as Keemstar, speaks into a microphone while wearing a baseball cap and black jumper.

Anti-trans media personality Daniel M Keem – better known as Keemstar – admitted that trans men have periods in a post telling his critics to “f**k off”.

The YouTube pundit admitted the importance of tampon disposal machines in male public toilets in a Wednesday (11 January) tweet.

He told followers that he had deleted a previous tweet on the subject following his discovery that “trans men still have periods”.

“I was so lost [on] why you would need tampons in a men’s bathroom,” he wrote. “Now I get it… I’m learning, you can f**k off!”

The post was a rare moment of pro-trans solidarity for the often misogynistic and anti-trans media pundit.

Keem – whose show DramaAlert sees him discuss controversies surrounding internet celebrities – typically echoes anti-trans dog whistles, including that it is “not transphobic” to ban trans athletes from women’s sports.

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He is also notorious for posting sexist and anti-feminist tweets, including claims that female streamers are trying to manipulate their audiences.

But the brief moment of trans positivity was not lost on the community, who called it a “rare Keemstar win”.

“Holy s**t, he didn’t double down!? What a moment!” one user triumphantly wrote, while another commented: “Damn, if he can be understanding, then maybe anyone can.”

Prominent trans streamer Clara Sorrenti, known as Keffals, wrote that if the often controversial YouTube celebrity could learn to acknowledge that trans men have periods and need tampons, then “no other YouTuber has an excuse”.

This wasn’t the end of Keem’s surprising social media posts that teeter on the cusp of progressivism. He followed up with a recording he made saying that he was beginning to understand the importance of pronouns.

He specifically spoke about the use of putting pronouns in a user’s Twitter bio – a highly debated topic which is often used by right-wing pundits to spread anti-trans sentiments.

“This is something that I always thought was stupid, I always looked for some logical sense in pronouns in a bio and all the arguments I heard didn’t make sense, none of them did.”

He then said, in a sentiment that felt incredibly off-putting, that after “dating legal, consenting Gen Z girls”, he had gained some “perspective on pronouns and why they’re so important”.

“I’m announcing in this Twitter video, that I have added pronouns to my bio.”

Keemstar does not have pronouns in his Twitter bio at time of writing.