Tom Daley manscapes his happy trail in thirsty new ad for Gillette intimate range

Tom Daley

Olympian and budgie smuggler enthusiast Tom Daley is starring in a new advert for Gillette Body & Intimate – and it’s really thirsty.

While Olympic medallist and father of two Tom Daley might be gearing up for his fifth Olympic Games at Paris 2024 this month, he’s also got the same priorities as the rest of us, by which we mean the occasional need to do some manscaping every now and then.

Luckily for him, Daley has been selected as the new face – and crucially, hairless, toned, muscular body – of the Gillette Body & Intimate range.

In an advert posted to social media, we see the search for that very face end with a gratuitous shot of the Olympian’s washboard abs, and then Daley himself do a bit of lawn care above the mercifully low waistband of his Speedos in a tasteful blue shower.

We’d like to take this moment to thank the director of the commercial. Oscar-worthy.

Speaking about the campaign, Daley emphasised the importance of a nice, smooth entry (to the water, obviously), to help one feel confident.

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“How many times do we hear the phrase feel good, play good?” he asks. “I’m no different. Feeling smooth and knowing you’re ready to make that perfect rip entry helps to get you into the competition mind set, so partnering with Gillette Body & Intimate just made sense.”

Gillette brand director Callum Wood said: “We’re excited to have Tom join the family. More and more guys are grooming their body and intimate areas as part of their routines to help look and feel their best.

“We know that one of the main reasons guys body groom is for sport and performance, for when it really, really matters. This is true for guys in all sports at all levels, but the stakes are at their highest in Olympic-level sport.”

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