Princess Margaret’s Gay Affair -Channel 4 Drama

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The late Princess Margaret, sister of the Queen will be portrayed as a drug taking bisexual in a new drama from the often controversial Channel 4.

The drama, ‘The Queen’s Sister’ will show Margeret kissing another woman, smoking a suspect cigarette and unzipping the trousers of her then fiancé Anthony Armstrong-Jones at a party.

The TV film will be a “witty and irreverent royal romp. Princess Margaret’s life was so vibrant and conflicted that this was a story dying to be told,” according to commissioning editor, Francis Hopkinson.

Channel 4 bosses are at pains to point out that the drama is not intended to be a docu-drama and that the writers have used dramatic license.

Three years ago, the BBC opted for a similar approach with their drama, ‘Jeffrey Archer, the Truth’ where they used the catch line, “This story is based on real events, only the facts have been changed.” Their drama portrayed the disgraced Tory peer as having had an affair with the late Princess Diana and being the secret love child of the Queen.