Spectator readers show support for gay rights and pornography

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

It might be the bastion of Tory middle England, but the Spectator has proven that its nickname the “Sextator” might be quite apt. A surprising survey of readers found that most had rather liberal attitudes to homosexuality and pornography.

The Spectator, the right leaning, Conservative supporting news magazine found in a survey of readers that women were more liberal than their husbands when it came to homosexuality. Only 14 per cent of female readers considered homosexuality to be “morally wrong in all circumstances” compared to 27 per cent of men.

In 1990, a National Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle found that 70 per cent of men and 58 per cent of women believed that being gay was “mostly or always wrong”. The Spectator survey used slightly stronger wording, but it still demonstrates a clear change in public perception of homosexuality. 27 per cent of women questioned believed that is immoral to view pornography, compared to just 9 per cent of men.

70 per cent believed that Britain is more tolerant with regards to sexuality than it was in the 1950s but only 51 percent felt that they were more tolerant than their parents.

The Spectator conducted the survey with internet polling company YouGov.