Hollyoaks Spoilers: Can Tony talk his way out of his latest bit of bother?

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Tony gets himself into serious trouble after finding out that his conquest from the previous night – Theresa – is a schoolgirl. He doesn’t know what to do when she starts bombarding him with texts and phone calls so she confides in Mandy about his dilemma.

The McQueens want him hung, drawn and quartered and although it is tearing her apart Jacqui knows she must go to the police – so Tony ends up being arrested.

The police try to get him to admit that he slept with an underage girl and Tony’s life looks like it could fall apart.

Meanwhile the re-naming of The Dog takes a colourful turn as the themed opening night for The Jollly Roger turns into a gay night. Hannah is disgusted by Neville’s attempts to get rid of his new customers – although eventually he warms to the gay crowd and decides to embrace the idea.

Seeing how fit the girls from The Saturdays are, Rhys decides to go and support Josh in The Battle of the Bands. Warren puts Ash down when he asks Mandy out on a date. Mandy’s not impressed but there’s not much she can do without giving the game away.

Russ tells Ravi he has to stay away from Nancy unless he’s prepared to tell her everything – but he says he misses her and wants her back.

Ash ropes Anita and Lauren into working for him in Relish when he realises they’re bunking off school and none of his staff have turned up. But will he meet their pay demands? And why do they stage a protest outside Relish?
Hollyoaks Spoilers: Can Tony talk his way out of his latest bit of bother?