Judge warns Australian teen of danger from “ugly, hairy men” in prison

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A magistrate in Australia has tried to warn a teenager off a life of crime by giving him a stark assessment of life in prison.

Brian Moloney made his unusual comments from the bench in Sydney, when dealing with a 19-year-old facing his third conviction for driving offences.

Mr Maloney told Cody Heap he could face imprisonment if he appears again.

He warned Heap that in jail: “You’ll find big, ugly, hairy strong men who’ve got faces only a mother could love that will pay a lot of attention to you – and your anatomy.

“Scary, isn’t it? But that’s what will happen.”

Heap was charged with dangerous driving, failing to stop for police at a drink-driving checkpoint and driving without a licence.

While the magistrate’s comments have amused the press, recent research shows that at least 10% of male inmates aged 18 to 25 in Australia’s jails have been raped in prison – a small number reported daily sexual assaults.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph after his conviction, Heap said:

“It was scary.

“Losing the licence, the possibility of an accident, the jail time – everything.

“What he said took a massive impact on my life. I took in everything that was said, and I agree with it all.”

Heap was banned from driving until 2013 and ordered to complete 150 hours of community service.

Click here to see video of Heap.