Haiti: Police arrest two men over attack on British man’s same-sex engagement ceremony

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Two men have been arrested after a British Red Cross worker and his same-sex partner were attacked on the Caribbean island of Haiti.

The incident happened on Saturday when a gang threw molotov cocktails and rocks at the couple during their engagement ceremony at the local office of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Several people were injured, two cars were set ablaze and windows were smashed at the residence where the ceremony took place in Port-au-Prince.

The British man, identified as a Red Cross worker called Max, was said to be unhurt.

Police inspector Patrick Rosarion told the Haitian website HCNN: “When people in the neighbourhood learned about what was going on, they launched an attack against the house with molotov cocktails and other means.

“The crowd grew rapidly and they wanted to kill those inside. So we had to call for the backup of specialised units to evacuate the people.”

He added: “Two men who were arrested participated in the violence, but they also tried to steal things from the house.”